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Episode 22: Sylvia B. Mwansa – SBM Investments, Zambia

Driven by her passion to equip people to fulfill their dreams, Sylvia is a serial entrepreneur who is just about to complete her doctorate in business administration. She is CEO of SBM Investments and The Change Agency Initiative. SBM Investments includes: SBM What’s New? Boutiques, SBM Exclusive Home/Hotel Concept, SBM Printing & Advertising Solutions and SBM Hospital & Hospitality. Sylvia also distributes Jeunesse products. She is passionate about Change Management, Leadership and Sharing Knowledge.  Sylvia enjoys challenging people to use their unique qualities to improve society. This podcast focuses on what Sylvia loves doing most – challenging people to learn and grow.


What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The Change Agency Initiative’s core business: Leadership, Effective Time Management, Retirement Preparedness and Strategic Planning.
  • The value of strong networks and effective networking.
  • How Sylvia’s businesses have grown through her effective use of her networks.
  • How Sylvia is able to effectively maintain active participation in so many different ventures.
  • Her appreciation for Paul J. Meyer’s Wheel of Life and the importance of balancing one’s wheel of life in order to become a total person.
  • Sylvia walks us through how she applies the six categories of the Wheel of Life below to her life:
• Family and home • Mental and education • Financial and career
• Spiritual and ethical • Physical and health • Social and culture
  • Tips on effective time management: Sylvia divides her 24 hour day into 3 blocks of 8 hours each. Block A: Activities that put food on the table.  Block B: Pursuing her passion Block C: Rest.
  • Lessons Learned: Without networks your business will not thrive. Networking is a two way street – offer value to receive value.  Remove yourself from networks that do not deliver value.
  • Words of Inspiration: Everyone has a lot to offer. Value yourself.  Equip yourself to pursue your dream. You can learn and grow.
  • Sylvia’s Dream: To contribute to and witness the emerging of a successful and happy Zambian middle class.

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Paul J Meyer (Wheel of Life):
Jeunesse Global: and

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