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Hilda Karamagi

Always an “intrapreneur” in the leading companies where she held key marketing positions, Hilda Karamagi finally branched out on her own by launching Blue Edge Marketing. The firm offers strategic marketing support to organizations that do not have an in-house marketing department. Products include marketing strategies, communication strategies, business strategies, strategic planning solutions as well as training in all the listed areas. Clients include international development agencies, Micro, Small and Medium size enterprises. With a client list of over 50 customers in nine years, Blue Edge Marketing has clearly found a winning formula.


What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Finding her passion and pursuing it – knowing what you want and gearing your activities to lead you to your chosen destination.
  • From intrapreneur to entrepreneur – grooming herself to run a consulting business while still employed.
  • How Hilda identified her first customers and successfully convinced them that Blue Edge Marketing would provide a relevant solution.
  • How Hilda overcomes potential customer resistance – listen, offer a specialized, tailored solution and articulate how you will either save the customer money or build their customer base.
  • Bringing the customer along, every step of the way – conduct research and create collaborative solutions together, offer customers comfortable payment installment plans.
  • Spending all her savings to start Blue Edge Marketing, selling personal assets and having to run her business on the basis of goodwill.
  • Resisting the temptation to give up on her start-up and find a job.
  • Lessons Learned: Focus on your specialty and let experts in other areas do what they are good at, even within your own business. The five friends every entrepreneur must have – God, accountant, banker, lawyer and tax collector. Entrepreneurs must have grit.
  • Tips: Pay your staff. Treat everyone with respect. Your real worth is your reputation. Your network is your net worth. Learn from the mistakes of those who started businesses before you.

Blue Edge Marketing

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