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Mary Kamanda of Kigelia Fresh Produce, KenyaWhen an attempt to become a horticultural farmer did not yield the desired results, Mary applied the lessons she learned from the experience to a new Apiculture venture. Her work in agricultural value chains is conducted under the company name Kigelia Fresh Produce. Today, four years later, she is getting ready to launch honey, tea and coffee lines under the Damali brand name. She also recently opened Anise Spices, Nuts and Grains, a retail shop in the Village Market, Nairobi, Kenya. At Anise, Mary teaches her customers how to live healthier lives by including natural products in their diets.


What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Mary’s journey from horticulture to apiculture and later a retail shop – Anise Spices, Nuts and Grains.
  • Learning from past mistakes on the farm and getting fully equipped prior to getting into apiculture.
  • Mary’s determination to do things “the right way” and her quest for professional advice.
  • Mary’s commitment to healthy produce and healthy living.
  • Her interest in being a contributor to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • How she chose the brand name “Damali.”
  • Business incubation services offered to entrepreneurs at the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI).
  • Intellectual property services offered at the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI).
  • Mary’s dream: The Damali brand will become a regional and international brand.
  • Lesson Learned: Nothing in one’s experience is ever wasted. Maintain good relationships.  Learn how to network. Share what you know.
  • Words of Inspiration: Never give up. When you fall, get up and dust yourself off. Learn from mistakes.

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Kenya Industrial Property Institute:

Anise Spices, Nuts & Grains


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