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Patricia Oisso Maina juggles owning and running Fine Drop Distributor, a wholesale beverage supplier and the neighboring Engutoto Complex Pub alongside her full time job and family responsibilities. Based in Arusha, Tanzania, Patricia is a professionally trained hotelier who takes a professional approach to everything she does. Her mantras are quality and excellence in customer service. She relies heavily on good time management, strong supervision and effective delegation. A business owner since 2014, Patricia provides employment for 15 full-time employees.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How Patricia became a business owner while still fully employed.
  • The value of proper market research in informing business investments.
  • Know your customers and give them what they want.
  • Patricia’s reliance on time management, self-discipline, delegation and a good manager to get everything done. The business roles Patricia feels she cannot delegate.
  • The dependence of quality customer service on honesty, on-time delivery and in the case of the pub, cleanliness.
  • How Patricia happened across a second business opportunity to complement her beverage distribution company.
  • The value of belonging to a women’s savings club and its role in helping her purchase her first business.
  • Challenge: Restricted hours for the sale of alcohol in Tanzania (strictly 4:00pm to Midnight).
  • The relief gained from crossing Tanzania’s minimum Value Added Tax (VAT) threshold and thus leaving behind the burden of paying presumptive taxes (levied on assumed sales) versus paying taxes on actual sales.
  • Dreams achieved: Providing employment to 15 people. Purchasing businesses that fulfill her passion and utilize her professional skills.
  • Pending dream: Starting an animal feeds production plant that will source raw materials from her farm and provide farmers (in Tanzania and the East African region) with quality animal feeds.
  • Lesson Learned: Be honest. Pursue quality. Serve customers with excellence. Maintain a good relationship with suppliers.
  • Words of Inspiration: Identify a true market gap and pursue it if you have the right capabilities. Take a professional approach.

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